Japan Trip 2017

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Following a successful World Championships, it was off to Japan for two high level events. First was the Sailing World Cup in Gamagori, Japan followed by the Enoshima Olympic Week in Enoshima, Japan, the host venue for the 2020 Olympic Games. I was excited to pursue my goals for the trip, which was to work on my tactical game as well as begin our new endeavor, a consistent medal race participant from here on out.

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I headed over to the land of the rising on early October 10th, finally arriving to Gamagori late on the 11th after losing a day with time change via planes and trains. I met my coach Chris Dold and began our typical lead up to the regatta. We had a few days on the water training in light, offshore, rainy conditions, as well as good hours in the gym working on the strength program.

The racing began on October 17th and proved tricky, and often frustrating at times. We had lots of flat water, rainy, light, offshore wind conditions. This put a real challenge on what I consider one of my bigger weaknesses, which is tactical decision making in these wind conditions. My scores reflected that, as well as individual moments in the racing. As coach Dold describes, I would often have a great leg, followed by a perplexing leg, followed by another great leg. Much of this I contribute to the consistent execution of my playbook, when to follow certain rules of thumbs and when to follow others. Sailing often is always an art of balancing multiple factors that can effect a race, and every day I am becoming more knowledgeable as I build my cheat sheet. I finished a disappointing 18th overall with a scoreline of 18-31-(50)-17-5-21-36-8, really only a couple mistakes from breaking into the top 10 and into the medal race.

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We escaped Gamagori as Typhoon Lan swept over Japan and made our way up the coast to Enoshima for the Olympic Week. I came to this same venue last year and was excited to get back racing on the Olympic waters.

After a couple more days of training, racing began on October 27th in more offshore, shifty conditions, ranging from 6-18 knots of breeze, and more rain of course. Another tough three days of racing against the world’s best and another challenge to my tactical prowess. Consistency haunted me again and proved in my results, scoring a 8-31-23-20-15-(51)-7, finishing 19th overall.

I felt disappointed following the trip, but in many other ways pleased with the progress. When I have “bad days” or “bad events”, my results are much better than the past. Additionally, I’m am positive with the progress being put into the playbook to help my tactical sailing.

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Now the time is headed into the “offseason” of the circuit. The schedule over November primarily consists of gym training to continue the strength work and some on the water work in Long Beach. I am leaving this weekend for a quick trip to the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for team meetings and fitness testing. Then in December I will make the drive cross-country with my Laser and a coach boat to Florida for the winter months. Our Laser team will be primarily based out of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Clearwater from December-March to take advantage of the good wind and weather.

Thank you again to all for your continued support of my campaign. Your donations are a huge part of my success and big strides are being made.


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