Laser Midwinters East Day 1

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Tough first day here at Laser Midwinters East in Clearwater, FL. Breeze started off at 10-15 knots from the Southeast. I had a solid game plan to start at the slightly favored boat end and head to the left side of the course to get some current relief. Unfortunately I was tagged with a Rule 42 penalty just seconds before the start and I was spinning in circles while the rest of the fleet sprinted up the race course. With my less than ideal start, I was forced to the unfavored right side of the race course and was deep. I clawed my way back to a 22nd place finish.

After some delays as the breeze was dying and shifting right, we got race 2 started in a 6 knots Southwesterly breeze. I won the boat end and headed right as the sea breeze began to veer the wind to the right. I rounded the top mark inside the top 10 and was in the mix of a tight pack as the breeze built to 8-10 knots. Unfortunately on the 2nd upwind, my body movements through the chop were not to the liking of the judges. I was tagged with another rule 42 penalty and was forced to drop out of the race. Tough one to swallow but was ready to move on.

For race 3, I won the pin end and worked the left side of the race course. I finally got space from the fleet and show some wheels. I rounded the top mark in 4th, found a nice rhythm downwind to round the leeward gate in 1st. The top group traded places around the race course. I managed to pull out a 2nd place finish.

Overall tough day results wise. However I was very comfortable with my speed, strategy, and tactics. I executed my plan very well when I was given the opportunity to start and finish the race. I just need to be much more aware of my kinetics as I go into tomorrow.

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