Tokyo 2020 Journey Begins

Dear Supporters and Friends,

It has been a while since many of us have connected as I have been going through a small transition in my life. After the Olympic Trials ended last spring, I kept in tune with my sailing, but much of my time was devoted towards re-coordinating my priorities and establishing a strong foundation for my Tokyo 2020 campaign and forward.


Last spring my girlfriend Kate was accepted to be a resident doctor at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, a great accomplishment for her. So last May she and I spent a month or so looking for the right apartment for us to live at and moving her entire life from Philadelphia to LA, including a week long road trip across the country, a drive that I am quite used to. Since then I have kept in touch with my sailing but also picked up a part-time job at Fox Sports here in Los Angeles working as a production assistant. As many of you know, I am huge fanatic for sports, not only for what happens on the field, but the business side that goes on behind the scenes. It has been good for me to keep my free time filled as well as gain experience for other endeavors I may want to aspire towards down the road. I have learned a lot so far, been challenged, met many great people in the industry, and fun as well. This experience has also re-ignited my love for being on the water, being competitive, and racing against the best.

During that time, I kept busy with the Olympic Racing including placing 19th at the Europeans in the Canary Islands, 27th at the World Championships in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, winning the North American Championships for the 3rd time in Cascade Locks, Oregon last July. I also acted as a training partner for our Olympic representative Charlie Buckingham in both Long Beach and down in Rio as he prepared for the Olympic Games.


Now that I have established a home base for me and my girlfriend in Hollywood, it has now given me an opportunity to establish a strong training program in the gym and more consistent access to the water for training in Long Beach over the last few months. This will be in place for the next few years and will largely increase my ability to have more consistent training and routines, which will no doubt lead to better performance.

This last week started the first real step towards the 2020 Olympics with a trip to Enoshima, Japan, the host site of the Olympic Games 4 years down the road. I participated in the Enoshima Olympic Week in tandem with our US Laser Squad including Charlie Buckingham and Erik Bowers, led by our coach Mark Littlejohn.

It was a quick trip, only 6 days of sailing sandwiched between two 11.5 hour flights each way, but extremely valuable. We experienced mostly shifty, patchy offshore winds in 8-15 knots that made for very tactical sailing. I very much focused on my mental toughness during the event, as that was a key point to improve on after my experience last campaign. By the end of the event, coach Mark noted he had seen great strides, but the process is long and must keep improving. I felt I also made good steps in new tactical concepts I am trying to grasp that will greatly reduce my risk of bad races and keep me closer to the leaders to eventually make the pass.

We had 3 days of training and 3 days of racing. With consistent, tactical racing, I was fortunate to come away with a podium finish taking the Bronze medal, a solid start to the quad. Attached are some pictures of the results, racing on the water, prize giving, and a sunset with Mt. Fuji. I very much look forward to making it back.


In November, we quickly ramp up the training again here in Long Beach with two camps with our training group and coach Littlejohn. Much of the focus of the camp will be directed towards boat speed. Additionally, I will be focusing on my mental stability throughout the camp and not get “too hard on myself,” a personality trait that has always been in my blood. My instinct to be my biggest critic has driven me to where I am now, but for me to improve at the rate I want to become the best, it is a skill I must develop to direct those emotions the correct way.


Thank you all for your continued support. I look forward to connecting with you, sharing great stories, and answering any questions you may have on my campaign.



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